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Title Unknown. Chapter1

July 4th, 1:06
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Okay everyone , so Im new to writing on LJ and i decided to post my first fic in this comm because i love it so much soooo uhhh here is the fic. enjoy

Title Unknown: Chapter 1
Characters: Pretty much every in the ff7 series (Including Advent Children)
Pairings: Um lots but mostly Seph/Zack/Cloud and Angeal/Genesis with possible S/G/Z/A/C
Warnngs: Language (Lots or language), Violence, Non-Con, Self harm, Drug reference/use, Yaoi, OCC possble AU
Note: This fic contains graphic descriptions of violence/Rape and Man sex so if this is not your thing or you are bothered by such things then please don't read. You have been warned.

Warnings for this chapter: Language and some OCC-ness

Disclaimer: Despite how I’d like it I do NOT own Final Fantasy 7 or any of the characters, settings or recognizable things in the fic, Everything (except for my Original Characters) is the soul property of SquareEnix. I mean no infringement and I make no money from this work.


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